Words in a Row

I say I’m a writer and those words line up beside me, solid, soldiers, and I must tilt my chin, upward, and command. Stand by them. Pretend to everyone … in every instance… that that statement means the very same thing.
And now, when I think of the ‘business’ of writing, of publishing, marketing, it brings tears to my eyes – something so, so removed from what I feel about writing. And yet, if I accept that this is my ambition, my goal, I must take responsibility and accept that now this is my ‘game’ and take responsibility to stand behind my work and themes and yet…

Words wind themselves down from …….corners of rooms witnesses to drunkenness and boring domestic scenes of dissatisfaction, acceptance and steady, windborne love. We are shorn of impertinence, shorn of immediacy, immaturity, expectancy. We take kindness. Shield ourselves from the wrong that is like a tidal wave, upturning, inundating, destroying, everything in its wake.

We can wake.
We can walk.
We can love.
Overcome. Retaliate. Placate.
We can change. We can optimize. Be honest. Shed. Stand face to face. Support. Man to man. Hand in hand. Lover. Visitor. Stranger. Future…


About duendest (Tina Cartwright)

Tina Cartwright grew up on the East Coast in the South of New Zealand. She lives and works in Melbourne. Her children’s picture book, Kiwi and Scorpion, was published with Penguin NZ in 2008. She edited and translated Taking Latin America Home – a self-published anthology influenced by Latin America which raised funds for the Sweet Water Fund in Nicaragua.

One response to “Words in a Row”

  1. ellabumblybuzz says :

    i love your blog 🙂

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